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Anthony V. Lipani's Biography, Vision, & Mission:

Heart Attack at age 45 Alive chronicles Anthony Lipani’s journey after enduring a Heart Attack at Age 45. Anthony found himself laying in a hospital bed with two arteries 100% blocked. The former State Championship winning high school football coach and Athletic Director was now facing the toughest battle of his life. This podcast is intended to help anyone who has experienced a significant medical event at a young age. Anthony’s wife and four daughters ages 6-16 all have a role in producing this podcast.  Anthony is currently a husband, father, outdoors man, administrator, teacher, coach, Plant Based Diet consumer and ALIVE!!!!!!  Mr. Peter Nowak is the Chief Audio Production Specialist. Mr. Bryan Claus is the Chief Editing Officer.

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Apr 14, 2018

Do you believe in Miracles? Today we interview Coach Jim Johnson.  Coach Johnson is an educator, 6 Time Sectional Championship Winning Basketball Coach, Motivational Key Note Speaker, Culture Shaper, Best Selling Author of the Book  ; A Coach and A Miracle Consultant, Mentor, Leader & Friend.  Please visit his Website at  Enjoy this Heart Warming Story about a Coach who believed in a boy with Autism.